As The World Turns (1956-?

Not only is Guiding Light the longest-operating soap, at greater than 15,000 episodes (and still going), it’s also the longest-operating non-news program in U.S. tv historical past. Like most of the oldest soaps, Guiding Light started in 1937 as a radio program earlier than making the transition to television on June 30, 1952. Originally, the cleaning soap came about within the fictional city of 5 Points, then Selby Flats, and revolved across the Bauer family. Now, it is the Spauldings, Coopers, and Lewises who are within the limelight. Through the 1960s, « The » was dropped from the present’s title to make it sound extra contemporary. One of the present’s extra bizarre story strains involved cloning longtime character Reva Lewis from certainly one of her personal frozen eggs! As soon as the clone was born, she was given aging serum so that she would grow up quick. However she was evil and attempted to take Reva’s place.

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