‘Ms. Marvel’ Episode 2 Recap: Kamala’s Obtained A Crush, And The Thriller Begins

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Kamala and Kamran make a cute couple as they discuss common interests like their love of Bollywood motion pictures, title-checking 1993 hit Baaziger and DDLJ (1995 romantic musical Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge). And they also share a love of Swet Store Boys, a hip-hop double act including musician and actor Riz Ahmed, strickstoff wolle who was nominated for an Academy Award for The Sound of Steel. Shah starred with Ahmed within the Oscar-winning brief film The Lengthy Goodbye, which accompanied Ahmed’s 2020 album of the identical identify.

When One Life to Live initially aired on July 15, 1968, the rich Lord family was pitted against the middle-class Woleks and Rileys and the Siegels, the first Jewish family on a daytime drama. Now it is the Buchanans, Rapaports, Gannons, and Cramers who see most of the motion. They dwell in Llanview, Pennsylvania, a fictional suburb of Philadelphia. Llanview residents have seen cults, time journey, and out-of-physique experiences. By the way, Llanview is only a 30-minute drive from one other fictional soap city: All My Children’s Pine Valley. As such, there have been a number of story line crossovers since both soaps are on ABC.

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