ERIC – ED110889 – Self-Actualization And Grade Point Average Investigation Of Statistical Correlations., 1975-Mar

The purpose of this examine is to study the concept of self-actualization, with primary emphasis on the doable correlation to tutorial achievement exhibited by the students in the data Techniques (Telecommunications) curriculum on the Naval Postgraduate School. The author offers a abstract of an intensive evaluate of the literature on the concepts of « self » and « self-actualization. » In addition, the results of scores obtained from the Shostrom POI, a persona stock constructed to measure ranges of self-actualization, are correlated to the grade level averages of the aforementioned students.

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In response to A. Maslow, the necessity for self-actualization is at the highest degree of the pyramid, 向上心を高める nevertheless it becomes relevant solely after all previous needs are closed. Till this moment, a person does not search to reveal his private potential, but is concentrated on assembly basic needs. The researcher formulated the principle of the hierarchy of needs that underlie the motivation of character growth. In complete, it is customary to tell apart five ranges:

The following development want we look to fulfill is that of love. While our need for connection is more about receiving love, love from the growth perspective is about giving love. Earlier than we will love one other it’s critical that we love ourselves. Once we meet our safety needs now we have a strong foundation for self-love and a natural drive to love others. We’re capable of set wholesome boundaries and stability our needs with the wants of others. We have different ideas of love however the very best and most mature type of love is free of clinging or attachment. This can be a love that lets stay and lets go. Each anxious and avoidant attachment styles will be boundaries to embodying this kind of love. Whereas anxiously attached people cling and avoidant people strive to take care of complete individuality, those with safe attachment can each merge with another and retain their uniqueness.