Most Significantly, Major( Meals, Sex, Clothes)

– Observations are unverifiable. No correct strategy to measure such qualities.

– With the ability to define « self-actualization », « fully-functioning » are too vague.

– Contributions of genetics and childhood experience are largely ignored.

– The optimism may be too much for 自己実現する therapy goal.

– An excessive amount of assumptions are left on habits than scientific research.

Others, like Martin Heidegger, thought that liberation must occur in a extra immanent body, in a historical individual, e.g., another messianic figure, or perhaps a set of historic events. After all Marx believed man’s liberation would occur in the overturning of Capitalism and the fruits of the socialist state, whereas Sartre noticed liberation in the person expertise of declaring one’s autonomy from an oppressive energy.

So it’s an inner change or progress leap that we undergo. Or a transformation of our consciousness. Where you focus your consciousness for personal which means: from your outside world to your inside world. This could appear like a small detail, but it has a huge impact on how we live, how we think and the way we deal with ourselves and others.