Psychology Of Self Actualization

This is an idea that I take advantage of as a part of my private study into human psychology and motivation. As with all things human related it is difficult to say the least. I am explaining this from my personal experience on the matter. Under is the scale that « Abraham Maslow » used in his theory. It is a restricted instance of the scale. Please remember that each class has many sub classes that affect people from all walks of life on different levels.

– concerned in one thing greater than egocentric causes

– working on something they love (so there’s no work-joy discrepancy for them)

– inventive

– spontaneous

– lively

– self-exploring

– altruistic

– tolerant

– compassionate

– autonomous

– unbiased thinkers

– democratic in attitudes

– strongly centered on others’ issues

– enjoying solitude

– controlling their own lives

– prepared to be taught from others

– less culturally constricted (and refuse to be controlled by cultural norms)

– appreciating more a gradual evolution than a radical revolution

– not fearing the unknown

Self-Actualized People Look for:

Attaining self-knowledge, self-realization and self-actualization is having come online and related with increased ranges of consciousness. It is breaking out of the mind control that retains us in the decrease vibratory mind-set and consciousness. The mind is the bridge between the physique and spirit. The thoughts or consciousness is what comes closest to spirit.

Final week, we discussed the qualities that Abraham Maslow discovered typical of people he referred to as self-actualizers – individuals who can dwell creatively and make full use of their potentials. If you did not dwell up to those qualities in addition to you wished, 自己実現目標 you might want to know tips on how to be more like self-actualizers. What are you able to do?