How can we avoid malware from contaminating our computer systems?

There are a few methods that you can help avoid malware from contaminating your computer:

This is your very first line of defense versus malware. Be sure to run routine scans of your computer system to help recognize and get rid of any malware that has made it past your anti-virus program.

2. Beware what you download and install. Make sure to just download files and programs from trusted sources. When installing brand-new programs, make sure to pay attention to the security warnings that might pop up.

3. Be cautious when searching the web. Avoid clicking on links or opening email accessories from untrustworthy or unknown sources.

4. Keep your os and other software up to date. Hackers often make use of security vulnerabilities that have actually been covered in newer versions types of malicious code (read this blog article from software.

5. Use a firewall. A firewall program can help block destructive software application from connecting to your computer.

By following these easy pointers, you can assist protect your computer from malware.